Brussels Airport works toward IATA-certified pharma


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) welcomed the decision of Brussels Airport to become the first European hub for pharmaceutical freight using IATA’s global certification program for shipping cold chain pharmaceuticals.

The IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV Pharma) is a standardized global certification program that trains and conducts onsite assessments to provide the expertise needed to transport cold chain pharmaceutical products.

Brussels Airport is inviting a group of 10 local ground handlers, freight forwarders, truckers and airlines to undergo the CEIV Pharma training.

“IATA has been working very hard with our stakeholders to ensure product integrity for these types of shipments,” Tony Tyler, IATA director general and CEO, said. “The CEIV Pharma certification program provides participants in the air cargo value chain with the tools to ensure that they are operating to the highest standards for the transport of what in many cases are life-saving drugs and medicines. And it will give pharmaceutical companies confidence and assurance that their cold-chain logistics requirements are being met through an independent certification process.”

In February, SATS Coolport in Singapore – which handled more than 15,200 tonnes of pharmaceuticals in 2013 – received its CEIV Pharma certification. 

“Brussels Airport is aiming to strengthen its position as a leading gateway for the handling and transportation of pharmaceutical freight in Europe,” said Steven Polmans, head of cargo at Brussels Airport. “We hope that our leadership in being recognized as a CEIV Pharma-certified community will persuade other airports to do the same. It is important that cold-chain pharmaceutical products can be transported in a standardized, sanitary and secure way throughout the world.”

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