Cargo 2000 will soon be available for non-members

Early next year, non-members of IATA’s Cargo 2000 program will be able to access the initiative’s master operating plan. This open access will expand the range of Cargo 2000’s processes; at the same time, the International Air Transport Association will unveil what it calls a modernized version of the MOP, which was initially created in 1997.

This update to the procedures will address new industry regulations along with advances in technology and delivery methods, according to Mattijs ten Brink, Cargo 2000’s chairman. He added that due to the current economy, industry players the world over are looking for ways to cut costs; Cargo 2000, he said, is one way to do that. Non-members will soon be able to download an “intuitive electronic version” of the platform.

“We believe the time is now right to allow non-members to download the new MOP and map their existing processes to it,” he said in a statement. “We are confident that this will lead to greater recognition of the value that Cargo 2000 brings to quality programs and ultimately increase membership of the group as companies choose to access the full range of benefits enjoyed by our members.”

The MOP was originally put in place to establish an industry standard in regard to electronically track goods from the shipper to the end-user. According to a Cargo 2000 press release, the program is better than traditional means because it “is less labor intensive and improves the process for managing shipments in a paperless environment. It substantially reduces time spent managing irregularities … cuts the time required for manual track-and-trace procedures and leads to a reduction in service recovery costs.”

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