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Elite group wins IATA backing

By control on December 11, 2012

Nine global logistics networks have joined forces as founding members of Elite Association of Logistic Networks (ELITE).

The combined membership of ELITE-qualified networks is more than 3,550 freight forwarders, with annual revenues of more than $60 billion. They operate from 7,000-plus offices in 188 countries and employ 140,000 staff.

“ELITE will act to represent the independent freight forwarding community by engaging with and participating alongside major global industry associations, regulators and government agencies,” the new organization said. “For the first time the independent sector has a powerful and unified voice to ensure the interests of SME freight forwarders are considered.”

Participating networks are: Global Logistics Network (GLN); Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN); Lognet Global; Project Cargo Network (PCN); Time Critical Logistics Alliance (TCLA); Universal Freight Organisation (UFO); WCA Family of Logistic Networks (WCAF); WCA Projects Network (WCAPN); and Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA).

Welcoming the new grouping, IATA’s head of global cargo, Des Vertannes, said: “We look forward to forming a close strategic relationship with ELITE and working together to drive new efficiencies for the benefit of us all.”

By applying strict membership criteria, ELITE said it aimed to provide shippers and other supply-chain participants with visibility and clarity by differentiating bona fide, high-quality logistics networks from a growing number of “rogue” networks around the world.

In a statement, the founder members said: “There are new networks appearing almost daily that do not have the same ideals and standards that ELITE member networks embrace. Many of these networks operate using dubious practices, provide poor quality services, offer unsubstantiated benefits, lack proper financial backing, fail to implement membership vetting procedures, and are generally unable to fulfil their stated obligations.”


This new group is not licensed or authorized by ANY legal entity to approve or not approve Freight Forwarding and Logistics Networks. These people and networks have "Self-Appointed" themselves as being an Authority on Freight Forwarder and Logistics Networks. They are not neutral or non-biased as they themselves all operate "For Profit" Networks. While each of their networks are excellent, this Elite Association of Logistic Networks is a "profit based self centered" motivated group. I have today been contacted by a number of other reputable Networks who are astounded at the audacity of these people to presume they are "Kings or Queens" of our Industry. This would be similar to a Multi-National Freight Forwarder deciding to form an Elite Association of Freight Forwarders and accepting close friends or business partners to be members. This would no doubt cause a major firestorm by the thousands of Excellent and Reputable Freight Forwarders around the world. If you want to determine IF a Network is reputable and honest, I suggest you ask their Members. Members of Freight Forwarding Networks are not stupid or ignorant. MOST check out the longevity, integrity, professionalism, and viability of a Network BEFORE they join. And they certainly RESIGN from those who are deceitful or operate in a deceptive fashion. While I agree there are networks popping up everywhere, these are easily identified. They either offer FREE Memberships, do not show who actually owns them and/or has a "front person" running it, they offer services not legally or financially viable. You have devious people out there running multiple networks under different names. It is essential to know the truth of who owns and manages a Freight Forwarding Network. Some of them have clear and definitive conflict of interests and deliberately do not disclose what other competing companies they are associated with. Transparency is not there and instead deception practices are utilized. We also have networks who "pay" companies to be spies in other networks and provide them confidential information. These are the real issues that are confronting the Freight Forwarding Networks. These people are the ones hurting our industry. Full disclosure on who owns what is needed. Anyone caught infiltrating a network for devious purposes should be "outed". This Self-Appointed Group is not "better" than a multitude of other Outstanding Freight Forwarding Networks who want nothing to do with this group and/or do not have a egotistical need to wear a "Crown". They have no credentials that "allow" them to be regulators of the Freight Forwarder Networking Community. Freight Forwarding Networks are Private Businesses. Why in the world would ANY of us AGREE to provide our Competitor's with our Financial Information. Would you? Are we supposed to be so in awe of these people that we give to these people confidential information so they can give us their "made up seal of approval"? I cannot think of any business owner in ANY industry providing this information to a competitor. It simply would not happen. As an owner of The WWPC Network for 19 Successful Years, I find this group to be "full of themselves" and trying to deceive the public into believing they are something they are not. I recommend that people contact other reputable Freight Forwarding Networks for their opinion on this Self-Appointed Group and you will find they are equally disgusted and outraged at the audacity of these people. We do not endorse, approve of this entity, nor have we voted them in to be in charge. Maybe someone should just purchase them "Crowns" for their heads and "Thrones" for them to sit on. Regards, Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin Chief Executive Officer WWPC-WorldWide Partnership Cargolink Network

Hi Leslie, Very well written and highly insightful!! Meuren Martins Export Co-ordinator 3WAY INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS INC

Mr. Taylor-McLaughlin raises some good points that are lost amongst bitter sarcasm. It's unfortunate he selected that method for discussing such a worthy topic. Regretedly, holding his breath and stomping his feet may have accomplished as much.

Submitted by R V Nair on
Whilst admitting the need of such a forum we should not forget that this sort of grouping of networks was already launched in 2011 to protect the networks and to keep a strict vigil on members who take advantage of new networks creeping in every day. Today they have more than 20 networks joined together with combined strength of more than 5000 freight forwarders worldwide. The Confederation of International Freight Forwarding Networks (CIFFN) is an International Non-Profit Organization founded at the 2011 'World Alliance Forum' in Macau and was attended by 19 leading International Freight Forwarding Networks. Freight Forwarders are confronted with a sea of options when it comes to choosing a potential network to join and host its business with. Forwarders should be able to choose quality oriented freight forwarding networks with positive track records and quality standards in place. CIFFN provides these programs for Network owners. CIFFN is built on consensus by Freight Forwarding Network Owners with the goal to improve the Freight Forwarders Networking Industry, leading to safer and more progressive business development environments for Freight Forwarders. The organization facilitates closer cooperation among Network owners and has designed specific programs to achieve its goals. Some important programs include: - live payment default prevention system shared across participating CIFFN members - quality screening process for Freight Forwarding Networks and annual maintenance of quality standards - conference workshop/education programs specifically designed for CIFFN partners - support and growth programs for Networks for more details you can see

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