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New engineering centers in the works for Boeing

By control on June 3, 2013

Boeing is establishing new centers for engineering design, propulsion and out-of-production airplane support.

The engineering design centers will be in Washington, South Carolina and Southern California. They will work with the existing Commercial Airplanes engineering design center in Moscow.

The company is also establishing a propulsion operation in South Carolina to improve the performance of future airplanes.

In the next 20 years, there will be a market for 34,000 new airplanes estimated at $4.5 trillion, Boeing predicts.

"Our opportunity for future growth is unprecedented, and this helps us be more competitive by building on our team's talent and capability – across Boeing, the United States and around the world," Mike Delaney, Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president of engineering, said. "With these changes, we are structuring Boeing's engineering operations to support that growth, reduce business risks and to consistently provide the products and services our customers expect."

Boeing's new propulsion operation in South Carolina is part of "a thoughtful, disciplined approach to building our capability and capacity in integrated propulsion system design," said Nicole Piasecki, vice president and general manager of Boeing Commercial Airplanes propulsion systems division. "We intend to be the industry leader in this area. The propulsion South Carolina team will begin with the design and assembly of the 737 MAX engine nacelle inlet and expand strategically on future airplane programs."

The new Southern California design center will house engineering support for out-of-production airplanes.

"We will leverage the new Southern California design center to create a single location for out-of-production airplane support, enabling us to streamline processes and develop common practices," Lynne Thompson, vice president of Boeing customer support, said.

Boeing also is exploring development of a design center in Kiev, Ukraine to support the Boeing Design Center in Moscow.