Commercial Jet to open Alabama facility

Commercial Jet has announced it will open a 400,000-square-foot facility at Dothan Regional Airport in Dale County, Ala.

This facility more than triples Commercial Jet’s capacity to provide freighter conversion and maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

The Dothan Houston County Airport Authority has initiated the $12 million construction to be completed in stages that will end in October.

“Our new facility will broaden our ability to deliver high-quality integrated aviation services to commercial airlines and aircraft owners and operators,” David M. Sandri, president, said.

Dothan is one of the 149 control towers closed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The airport authority will continue to operate the Dothan Regional Airport Tower after the FAA ceases to fund it.

Commercial Jet’s new facility has multiple hangars, back shops, stores and offices.

John Schildroth, vice president and general manager for the Dothan facility, said Commercial Jet plans to hire several hundred trained and experienced aircraft technicians within the next few years.

“We are already getting a flow of new orders for our new facility, which will be open for business as soon as May of this year,” Schildroth said.

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