Dubai Airport’s freight facilities to undergo expansion

As part of operator Dubai Airports’ $7.8 billion Strategic Plan 2020, Dubai International Airport’s cargo facilities are undergoing a facelift. Renovations are slated to begin in the next few months and will increase the airport’s annual freight capacity to more than 3.1 million tonnes by 2018.

The first stage of construction will involve a 30,000-square-meter addition to Dubai International’s 1.2-million-tonne Cargo Mega Terminal, a move that will increase the CMT’s freight capacity by 25 percent. The airport’s original freight facilities, Hall A and Freight Gate 1, will also undergo full reconstruction, according to a press release. Once complete, Emirates Airline will occupy both facilities.

Also under construction is a new transshipment facility that will handle freight transferred between Dubai International and Dubai World Central, the emirate’s second airport. Jeff Gould, vice president of development at Dubai Airports, said Dubai International’s operations won’t be disrupted during the construction process, however.

Chris Garton, senior vice president of operations at Dubai Airports, also spoke out about the renovations, explaining that they will help Dubai World Central and Dubai International meet heightened freight demand. In fact, total cargo traffic across both airports is projected to increase from the 2.19 million tonnes reported in 2011 to 4.1 million tonnes by 2020.

“The new infrastructure will not only increase our capacity, but go a long way to simplifying what has become an increasing complex cargo operation as the airport has grown,” Garton said in a statement.

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