EFIS Air transports space rocket stage

EFIS Air, part of ECS Group, has arranged the delivery of the fourth and last stage of the Ariane space rocket.

The sensitive cargo, which weighed more than 22,000 pounds, had to be maintained at a consistent temperature of between 77 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The cargo was shipped from Vatry Airport in France to Cayenne, Guyana.

EFIS Air chartered an IL-76 freighter for the flight.

“We were very happy to be involved in such an important project for the Ariane space project,” Alain Boussard, managing director of EFIS Air, said. “This is an area of our business where we continue to demonstrate a high level of expertise and we are confident of growing our activities for the aerospace industry in 2013 and longer term.”

In the past, EFIS has arranged the shipment of space rocket stages to Cape Canaveral in the U.S. and plans to carry a similar shipment for the space industry to Baikonur, Kazakhstan later in 2013.

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