Fish fly to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airlines Cargo has transported 630,000 juvenile sea bream fish from Larnaca, Cyprus to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

“Thanks to the team effort of everyone involved in this project, we are delighted to report the safe arrival of the young fish to their new home in Tabuk,” Steve Manser, director of cargo charter sales at Saudia Cargo, said. “The success of this operation serves to demonstrate the wide range and nature of cargo that we are able to handle and we hope that the fish will be joined shortly by future flights from Larnaca.”

The operation, undertaken on behalf of Tabuk Fisheries via marine fishing farm Sagro Aquaculture, required meticulous planning. This included obtaining special approval from flight operations for the method of shipment, arranging extra ground support equipment for Tabuk Airport to be able to handle the MD11F scheduled for the flight and obtaining permission from the airport authority and customs to handle such a large quantity of live cargo arrivals into Saudi Arabia.

“On behalf of Tabuk Fisheries Company, I would like to thank the Saudia Cargo team for their valuable cooperation on this project,” Mohammed Al Ammari, president of Tabuk Fisheries Company, said. “I hope that we will be able to do more business together in the future.”

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