GlobalTranz launches freight platform in crowded IT field

For an industry all about managing freight traffic, it sure is looking crowded in the cargo management platform space. GlobalTranz Enterprises is the latest to announce the launch of a “next-generation” freight management platform. Called GTZrave, the logistics platform works to align shippers, carriers and freight agents for more efficient and effective movement of freight.GTZrave

GTZrave hits the market in the wake of a slew of other freight management platforms that are looking to reduce bottlenecks from the back office to the highway. Online freight management allows agents along the supply chain to integrate their operations into a larger platform, which simplifies everything from planning deliveries to managing costs and payments.

The GTZrave platform manages capacity constraints between shippers, carriers and freight agents, and allows users to respond faster to changing market dynamics.

Other features include real-time connections along the supply chain, visibility into shipments at every stage, real-time freight management, from carrier selection to customer delivery. The system also includes process automation, visibility and data-driven analytics.

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