LUG aircargo introduces ramp service at Frankfurt

LUG aircargo handling company is implementing a new ramp service and time slot management system at its terminal in Cargo City South at Frankfurt International Airport, effective May 11. LUG’s software automates the allocation of loading bays for the delivery and collection of shipments, as well as for road-feeder services. The new system is free to customers.

Users can reserve slots at the ramp in advance by entering their vehicle’s expected time of arrival, type of transport (import/export) and other consignment information into LUG’s web-based aiRSS software. The system validates the information and confirms the request. It then assigns a time slot and ramp based on the user’s arrival information or makes an alternative suggestion if there are no available slots at the requested time. In addition, it calculates the loading or unloading time based on the freight volume and initiates the documentation process prior to the vehicle’s arrival.

Upon arrival at the LUG terminal, drivers proceed directly to the pre-booked ramp. The driver must present the identification and shipping documents at the LUG customer service center, where they are compared with the pre-arrival information. Subsequently, the cargo is loaded or unloaded. Flexible rescheduling is always possible.


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