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09/27/2011 - 20:12
After months of preparation and two years of delays, Boeing 747-8F launch customer Cargolux renounced delivery of the aircraft three days before the delivery ceremony. Boeing... Read more
09/27/2011 - 19:39
Aviation companies have seen rising revenues during the first and second quarter of 2011, but this monetary boost hasn’t increased multiples or private-deal activity. Although the... Read more
09/27/2011 - 18:38
Cargo theft has impacted nearly every industry, from paper products to electronics. Experts estimate that cargo and equipment theft costs stakeholders $30 billion to $50 billion... Read more
09/27/2011 - 18:23
A China Eastern Boeing-777 from Shanghai is scheduled, as of this writing, to touch down at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on September 23. This is possibly the most... Read more
09/27/2011 - 18:11
I feel like I write this almost every issue — or at least think about writing it — but last month was a crazy month for the air cargo industry. Most of the craziness, of course,... Read more
09/27/2011 - 14:39
In early July, attorneys representing the interests of three U.S. carriers and the U.S. Air Transport Association flew to England to appear before the European Court of Justice.... Read more
08/29/2011 - 15:51
The humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa has brought a wealth of dedicated air cargo carriers to a continent that’s usually overlooked in airfreight circles. While some... Read more
08/29/2011 - 15:45
In August, Congress passed a bill extending the Federal Aviation Administration’s authorities through September 16, putting an end to a 13-day FAA shutdown that resulted when the... Read more
08/29/2011 - 15:28
UPS is charging into China’s interior. At the end of July, it began flying daily with MD-11 freighter aircraft from its European hub via Warsaw to Chengdu in Sichuan province and... Read more
08/29/2011 - 15:16
Airbus is poised to launch a conversion program for A330 freighters, although it is not clear yet if the new offerings will include both the -200 and -300 variants of the aircraft... Read more


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