Menzies’ AMI UK debuts ‘Quote&Book’ site

AMI UK, the British airfreight and express wholesaling arm of Menzies Aviation, has introduced the first phase of its Quote&Book web portal, which will cater to airport-to-airport shipments. The new site – modelled on AMI’s express click2ship portal, which was launched in 2010 – is designed to give customers the ability to receive instant airfreight quotes and select valued-added services.

Currently, the new site is only accessible by AMI-approved agent customers in the U.K., who need to enter just a few shipment details to obtain immediate quotes. Prices can then be filtered using AMI’s consolidation or direct air waybill service, as well as by airport of departure, direct or deferred services.

Phase II of Quote&Book, still under development, will cover airport-to-door shipments and is scheduled for release later this year. Customer support will still be available by phone, but Quote&Book has a “live chat” option for answers during the enquiry and booking process.

The company said that, in its first four days of operation, the Quote&Book portal was visited by 926 AMI agent customers, who submitted 2,261 quote requests. By close of business on day four, these inquiries had resulted in 358 bookings.



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