Panda flies on freighter to Shanghai


A China Southern Airlines B777 freighter carrying a baby panda onboard landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport from Los Angeles.

Yunzi, the panda, came to China for the first time after he was born in San Diego Zoo in the U.S.

Yunzi is four years old. According to an agreement between China and the U.S., pandas born in the U.S. should go to China before they turn four.

To ensure the safety and health of Yunzi, a special operation team was set up at China Southern’s Shanghai base. The team prepared for the flight three days before arrival, together with the ground handler, customs, quarantine inspection and the client.

After welcoming the panda to an isolated storage area in Pudong Cargo Terminal, the veterinarian did an overall body check of the panda, fed him and placed him on a pallet in the designated quarantine area. Yunzi flew to Chengdu, China, and then to Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China, where his parents grew up.

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