Ruslan flies portable hospital


Air charter broker Air Partner teamed up with Ruslan International to move an entire portable hospital on behalf of a Middle Eastern ruling family.

The demountable, modular clinic comprised 10 individual units – a reception hall, radiology room, operating theater, dentistry unit, intensive care unit, pharmacy and medical store, and twin generators. All units were based around 20-foot (six-meter) containers for ease of transport and assembly on site.

The portable health center, weighing a total of 44 tonnes, was flown on an AN-124 flight from its manufacturer in Turkey to Tangier’s IBN Batouta Airport, en route to its final destination.

“We chose the AN-124 because it could carry all 10 units on a single flight, and because its on-board crane system meant loading and unloading could be performed directly to and from road vehicles, without the need for any handling equipment,” Emir Ozdabak, Air Partner’s regional freight manager for Turkey, said. “We have a huge amount of experience in dealing with outsize cargo, and we were pleased to be able to work with Ruslan International to find an innovative solution to meet our client’s needs.”

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