US Airways appoints cargo GSA in France

US Airways has appointed EFIS Air as its cargo general sales agent in France.

The new contract expands the relationship between US Airways and EFIS Air, a subsidiary of ECS Group. ECS is already the airline’s general sales agent in the U.K., Belgium and the Netherlands.

US Airways operates daily Airbus A330 flights from Paris to Philadelphia with access to its entire North American network. During the summer, the airline adds a A330 service to Charlotte, N.C., with access to its South American network.

US Airways’ Airbus A330 flights offer a cargo capacity of 15 tonnes to the U.S.

“US Airways is a very important carrier in the French market,” said Adrien Thominet, COO of ECS Group. “Freight forwarders in France will be able to connect with this and all of the airline’s network through direct services to its U.S hubs.”

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  1. Everything considered not a bad rulset for an upstart (Airbus) compared to Boeing’s venerable years. Like almost every other company without competition, Boeing fell asleep at the joystick. Another big hurdle Boeing must take if it wants to use suppliers around the globe and avoid another fiasco like the Dreamliner, it has to ditch its medieval measurements and join the metric 21st century. With metric Airbus, China, and Russia all producing metric aeroplanes Boeing won’t have a hope to compete.

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