Will there be a modal shift to Hyperloop? Don’t answer yet…

A recent post in Tech Crunch breathlessly postulated that the planned Hyperloop One system envisioned for the Middle East will one day be able to handle the equivalent of US$12 billion of the region’s entire $35 billion cargo market, including all $7 billion worth of airfreight shipments in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

I’ll pause here to let your laughter die down.

Yes, the system that Hyperloop One proposed at this week’s Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit in Abu Dhabi may seem like the the ultimate pneumatic pipe dream, conceived by people who have used too many mind-altering substances. But remember that not all that long ago – a little more than a century – the idea of sending tonnes of cargo in one of those newfangled “aeroplane contraptions” seemed equally ludicrous.

See David Harris’ recent post in Cargo Facts for a little healthy perspective:

Modal shift – to Hyperloop?

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