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August 4, 2021  •  11am ET

The collapse of scheduled long-haul passenger flights and networks in the spring of 2020 that still lingers today has made the process of balancing ULDs and pallets increasingly tricky. With flight schedules still changing regularly and cargo leading network strategies for many combination carriers, avoiding container imbalances presents challenges to normal operations. 

Container companies and airlines are responding to the challenges in the market with strategic and technological improvements around ULD movement. Improving digital tracking of containers allows for better planning as carriers aim to stay flexible in their operations while also ensuring containers are ready for transport in a capacity-strapped market. 

In this third installment in the Air Cargo World 2021 series, executives from leading airlines and handlers discuss approaches to container management; strategies for reducing losses and damages to containers; and how technology and digital improvements in ULDs can improve the operational bottom line and protect shipments in a strained transportation market. 

Randolph Chappell

Randolph Chappell
Global Manager, ULD / ULD Board Chair

Guillaume Crozier

Guillaume Crozier
DVP Operations & Product Development

Photo: DSV

Niels Larsen
DSV Air/Sea North America

Bob Rogers Square

Bob Rogers
Vice President & Treasurer
ULD Care


  • Carrier and forwarder approaches to improving the bottom line through better container management 
  • The business case for better ULD technology: lighter, cooler, and more visible 
  • Keeping on top of container shortages and imbalances
  • Strategies for minimizing container losses and damages


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