Michael Moore

3D Printing & Cargo: Threat or opportunity?

Many people still think of 3D printing (3DP) as a toy for the “maker” geeks crowd. Today, that toy status of 3DP is official. Mattel recently introduced a 3D printer for kids called the ThingMaker, which runs on cuttingedge 3D design and printing technology from Autodesk, the same company that brought the world AutoCAD. The […]

3D Printing: Prisoners of ‘the cube’

In his keynote speech at a 3D Printing Conference held during the last International Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Carl Bass, CEO of computer-aided-design giant Autodesk, was uncharacteristically muted in his outlook on the 3D printing craze his company practically invented. The problem with the slow development of 3D printing, also known as “additive […]