Bolloré Logistics, Oro partnership powers B2B e-commerce platforms

French logistics company Bolloré Logistics is partnering with software company Oro to offer business-to-business (B2B) platforms for e-commerce sales and processing. The agreement will combine OroCommerce platforms with Bolloré’s LINK information network.

Under the combined platforms, OroCommerce platforms will be tailored specifically for B2B activity and merged with the LINK network, which provides real-time information on shipment tracking, inventory, and first- and last-mile delivery status, based on input along the supply chain.

With the new services, Bolloré hopes to import and adapt the efficiencies discovered by business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms for use in the B2B market, according to Bolloré’s solutions director Frédéric Serra. “We then go further by integrating our transport and logistics expertise and IT assets into the offer, providing processing service and visibility from order placement and management to final destination delivery,” he said.

The Oro-Bolloré partnership will also enable “cross-fertilization” of the B2B and B2C platforms used by its clients, the companies said, to enable the use of the B2B platforms’ front-to-end logistics, transport and tracking management for B2C activity.

The next step for Bolloré Logistics will be to integrate commonly used payment gateways into the platform to complete the service, said Bolloré Logistics Asia Pacific’s regional e-commerce manager, Ludovic Laungani.

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