CAL Cargo targets Atlanta for pharma

  • Staff Reports
  • September 8, 2015

CALCiting interest in Atlanta’s pharmaceuticals business, Israeli-based CAL Cargo Airlines will begin round-trip service from Atlanta to Liège, its home base, beginning Sept. 25. The route will have two weekly rotations from Atlanta to Liège and back to Atlanta.

Eyal Zagagi, CEO of the CAL Group, said CAL’s fleet of nose-loading 747-400s – along with a team that specializes in DG (dangerous goods), pharma, live animals and oversize/overweight goods – is needed in Atlanta. ATC Aviation, a local GSA, will help CAL service the Atlanta area.

Already a holder of the Qualified Envirotainer and EQUiP Qualified C-Safe provider accreditations, CAL Cargo is working to become IATA CEIV-Pharmacertified, to give itself a leg-up in the competitive pharmaceuticals market.





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