cargo-partner launches facility near Vienna Airport

This week, Austrian logistics services company cargo-partner has made the launch of its Fischamend facility near Vienna Airport (VIE) official, after several months of successful operations, exactly one year after the commencement of its construction.

The 12,250 square-meter “iLogistics Center,” as cargo-partner calls it, contains 24,500 pallet slots, 32,000 small parts bins and 2,000 square meters of operative handling area. The company said the facility is capable of handling “sensitive small parts,” standard pallets, long and heavy goods, and e-commerce parcels, and offers value added services.

Harald Wegerer, vice president of customer service at ENGEL – a client of cargo-partner and manufacturer of injection molding machines – said the company chose to utilize the iLogistics Center last June due because it met its requirements of “high process security, late cut-off times for incoming orders, and guaranteed same-day delivery.” Cargo-partner has transferred 27,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) from ENGEL’s production facilities to the iLogistics Center to date.

In recent years, cargo-partner has invested in the expansion of its worldwide contract logistics capacity. Its most recent investments include similar iLogistics Centers in Eastern Europe, with facilities in Sofia, Bulgaria and Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as the ongoing expansion of a center in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia. In February of this year, the company told of its intent to increase its Southeast Asian footprint, as well.

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