Southern Air pilots reach tentative agreement with Atlas Worldwide

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (AAWW), has reached an agreement between the union representing pilots who fly for subsidiary carrier, Southern Air, over “interim enhancements” to the pilots’ collective bargaining agreement. According to AAWW, the interim agreement would “increase pay rates for Southern Air pilots to the same wage scales as provided to pilots of […]
  • Randy Woods
  • July 18, 2018

Emirates seeks to recruit U.S.-based pilots due to shortage

Emirates Airlines, one of the world’s largest cargo carriers, is responding to the ongoing shortage of qualified pilots with a new strategy – last week, releasing a tour schedule through the United States, calling it the “Emirates Pilot Roadshow” in hopes of recruiting pilots in person to be based out of the airline’s hub in […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • June 12, 2018

Study shows gender wage gaps still wide in supply chain industry

While more women are entering into management positions in the supply chain management field, recent studies show that there is still a significant gap in wages between genders fulfilling equivalent roles, reported the Wall Street Journal, and the higher up a position’s ranking within a company, the wider the gap becomes. According to a study […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • June 5, 2018

CNS 2018: Autonomous vehicles may be inevitable, but will they be embraced?

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. – The mention of autonomous vehicles tends to conjure images of flying drones and quadcopters. But Dan Murray, vice president of the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), said that the vehicle that will have a far more immediate and lasting impact on cargo will be autonomous trucks, although it may be some […]
  • Randy Woods
  • May 11, 2018

CNS 2018: TSA ruling may allow dogs to give air cargo a sniff

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. – When you think of the future of air cargo security, high-tech innovations like blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), and “Star Wars”-era laser beams may come to mind. But yesterday, Jennifer Haigh, manager of cargo screening and business development from K2 Solutions, Inc., advocated that man’s best friend, the canine, is […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • May 9, 2018

FedEx rolls out ‘Purple Runway’ training program in face of pilot shortage

Yesterday, a new development was made in the ongoing pilot shortage saga, as FedEx announced a new training program, named Purple Runway, which will recruit pilots in training from universities and aviation colleges. The move was made to ensure the carrier’s continued leading status in a market in which qualified pilots are increasingly scarce. You […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • April 3, 2018

What will ELDs do to the noble profession of truck driving?

One of the biggest thrills I remember when I was a kid was leaning against the back-seat rear window of my father’s Pontiac Bonneville and gesturing to oncoming truckers to blow their air horns. Once heard, the glee throughout the car was contagious, not only because of the rig’s loud roar but also the impressive […]
  • Brandon Fried
  • April 2, 2018

Air France says expect delays in light of today’s strikes

Today, Air France expects delays in its flight schedules due to continued strikes from ten of its pilot, cabin crew and staff unions. The carrier indicated on the company website: “It remains too early to ascertain the potential outcome of the effects this strike might have on our flight schedule,” so the potential for supply […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • March 30, 2018

ATSG reaches tentative agreement with pilots

Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ATSG) announced late last week that its subsidiary, Air Transport International, Inc. (ATI), has reached a tentative agreement to amend the collective bargaining agreement with its more than 220 pilots, who are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Terms of the tentative amended agreement were not disclosed, but […]
  • Lewis King
  • February 5, 2018

Michael White appointed president of Cargo Network Services (CNS)

IATA subsidiary Cargo Network Services (CNS) has appointed Michael White as the organization’s new president, taking over from Lionel van der Walt, who left CNS earlier this year. White is an industry veteran with nearly four decades of experience in the air transport industry. He joined CNS in 2008, serving most recently as CNS’ vice […]
  • Lewis King
  • February 1, 2018

Hactl’s Whitehead to retire in March after leading post-Cathay rebound

Mark Whitehead, chief executive of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) will retire on March 7, after nearly eight years at the helm of Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler. Whitehead led Hactl through the company’s biggest challenge in its history, when it parted ways with its majority shareholder and major customer, Cathay Pacific, […]
  • Lewis King
  • January 17, 2018

Amazon adds 210 acres to future Cincinnati airport hub

Amazon’s senior vice president of operations, Dave Clark, announced last week that the Seattle-based retailer had just added a parcel of land to the site of its future air operations hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG), following last year’s plans to invest US$1.5 billion into the project. “Amazon Air [is] getting ready for take-off […]
  • Lewis King
  • January 17, 2018

UPS counters mechanics’ letter to McConnell, promising 14,000 additional Teamster jobs

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, promised that last month’s sweeping tax breaks for corporations would translate into wage increases and more jobs for American workers. The union representing aircraft mechanics who work for UPS Airlines are now holding the Senator from Kentucky accountable via a letter written to McConnell, asking him […]
  • Lewis King
  • January 11, 2018

Pilots’ union promises to appeal district court’s ruling in favor of Atlas Air

The union representing pilots that fly for Atlas Air Worldwide has promised to appeal yesterday’s preliminary injunction against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Airline Division; and Local Union No. 1224. “We disagree with the judge’s decision and plan to appeal it swiftly,” said Daniel Wells, president of Teamsters Local 1224. […]
  • Lewis King
  • December 1, 2017
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