DHL doubles Connecticut service center capacity with $4 million investment 

DHL completed a US$4 million expansion and upgrade of its service center operations in Hartford, Conn., the company announced yesterday. The move is intended to accommodate growing cross-border e-commerce trade. 

With the investment made earlier this year, DHL added 16,000 square feet of warehousing space to bring the facility’s total space to 38,000 square feet. With this expansion, the facility now hosts more than double the number of vehicles around its sorting belt that employs back-to-back-unload belt design connected to awaiting delivery vehicles, said DHL. In effect, the expanded service center has doubled the inbound sorting capacity for international shipments to the center. Operations at the expanded facility began on July 15. 

The facility is staffed by 50 DHL “Certified International Specialists” and services a ground delivery catchment in the U.S. Northeast including Hartford and surrounding areas like: Amherst, Mass.; Torrington, Conn.; Long Island Sound; and Rhode Island. The facility is also connected to the larger DHL global network via air. 

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