DHL lands global airfreight contract with Chinese cell phone manufacturer

Transsion Holdings, one of the world’s fastest-growing and mobile phone manufacturers, has chosen DHL Global Forwarding to arrange the shipment of its cell phones. Under the agreement, DHL-GF will provide airfreight services, including customs clearance, from Transsion’s manufacturing base in South China to 28 countries around the world, covering parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In addition, the DHL-GF division will provide sea freight logistics for Transsion products into India, where it also provides warehousing services to support the company’s recent foray into the India market. Transsion made headlines recently with its expansion into the Indian market and has an extensive commercial footprint in Africa, including a factory in Ethiopia.

As Transsion expands, DHL’s airfreight service is designed to complement and support Transsion’s supply chain and manufacturing network. DHL’s end-to-end airfreight services can move not only Transsion mobile devices but also its spare parts from Hong Kong into India and Africa, where manufacturing facilities are located.

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