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Ensuring that security systems match up for mail, high-risk cargo [VIDEO]

Security validators navigate a complex interplay of language and cultural factors when conducting validations around the world. Last week, Air Cargo World shadowed Corposec executive director Elad Gadot during ACC3 and RA3 validations at the Mexico City International Airport. While the validation approvals take time, both airfreight carrier CAL Cargo and warehousing agent Borderless Air Cargo, demonstrated full competence and compliance.

“It’s like completing a puzzle,” Gadot explained. “Borderless has all the security procedures in place, but, as a validator, I have to assemble them in one place and understand how they interact.”

ACC3 is a global security standard for high-risk cargo and mail (HRCM) with a validation that focuses on the human factor. With thousands of employees working in warehouses in the airport’s cargo center, Gadot’s job is to make sure that systems are in place to prevent these employees from violating security procedures or engaging in other behavior that increases cargo vulnerability.

Here is a video showing some of the validation procedures in action:


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