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FAA lifts Turkey’s flight restrictions, logistics makes quick recovery

The FAA announced on Monday that all restrictions on flights to and from Turkey in the wake of Friday’s coup attempt, have been lifted. The decision is welcome news to Turkish national carrier Turkish Airways, which would have been forced to cancel flights to the ten airports that it serves in the United States.

The ban was enacted over the weekend as the failed coup degraded security conditions in the country, and at Turkey’s airports.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s logistics sector appears to be recovering quickly, with Turkish Airlines reporting that its flight operations, with the exception of its U.S. flights, had returned to normal. In a note published today to its customers, the carrier’s Turkish Cargo division noted that, “as of the moment, all cargo operations, including cargo acceptance from all destinations, which are served by passenger aircraft and by freighters, except USA, as well as transit operations from Istanbul, are performed as normally. We apologize for the setbacks caused and thank you for your continued cooperation,” Lloyd’s Loading List reported.

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