ELEVATE: Freightos announces talks with major carriers to expand dynamic pricing

MIAMI — Decades after dynamic pricing reached the passenger side of aviation, online freight pricing platform Freightos and Air France-KLM (AF-KLM) are offering the service to shippers. At this year’s ELEVATE conference, Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber announced that his company was in talks with other carriers to expand the pricing model, with the industry poised to make the switch.

“Dynamic pricing for cargo is finally happening, decades after it happened for passengers,” Schreiber told the audience. While shippers are searching the Freightos platform, Schreiber’s platform is updating prices from AF-KLM in real time, much like the passenger ticketing experience.

“We are in active talks with at least a couple of other ones [carriers], to get dynamic pricing” Schreiber said, adding the Freightos was available to “anyone else who wants to provide dynamic pricing. We can distribute those rates in real time to one thousand or more forwarders.”

Schreiber’s comments, made during ELEVATE’s Fireside Chat session, underscore his company’s commitment to expanding advanced pricing in a sector that has long lagged in adoption.

But there’s still a way to go. “Some of the airlines just don’t have the right revenue management systems,” Schreiber explained. “They need to get that in place so that they can set prices.

“The bad news is that it’s really bad, but it’s really starting to change,” Schreiber said.

Below, Schreiber and Royal Media CEO JJ Hornblass discuss some of the latest developments in online freight:


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