Jettainer, CORE enter strategic partnership for Bluetooth-enabled ULDs

Ingeborg Manz-Maier (left), director of finance at Jettainer, and director of operations Frank Mühlenkamp at Jettainer (right), with Frank Hung, executive VP of sales and marketing at CORE Transport Technologies Inc.

ULD management company Jettainer has entered into a strategic partnership with CORE Transport Technologies – a logistics data utilization company – to develop containers and pallets that can be tracked by Bluetooth-enabled devices.

CORE Transport’s Bluetooth tags, which can be added to ULDs without any additional certifications, are automatically recognized by receptors at airports, making manual scanning processes unnecessary. The tech company’s tracking solution, COREInsight, provides live tracking for both the vessels and their contents by purchase order, recording data, such as temperature, GPS location, direction of travel, vehicle speed, and outside- and inside-temperature.

“Our Bluetooth solution was initially designed as a simple tracking solution for ULD inventories,” said Ian Craig, CEO of CORE Technologies. “But when we implemented the system at the major airlines in 2017, it quickly became clear that the large amount of data and the ability to analyze ULD movements would bring many benefits to airlines and their customers.”

“The decisive factor for us, however, was the possibilities for process improvements on the ground,” said Carsten Hernig, managing director at Jettainer, referring to a key objective of the companies’ collaboration – to streamline Jettainer’s ground processes at for carrier clients, forwarding goals like the automation of inventory management.

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