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The June 2019 digital edition of Air Cargo World magazine is now available to read on our website.

As this issue of Air Cargo World was going to press, hundreds of aircraft following flight paths that would have crossed the Persian Gulf found themselves in a difficult situation. After the U.S. nearly launched an airstrike on Iran, airspace above the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman was closed to aircraft registered in the U.S., and some European carriers followed suit. Flight planners and air traffic controllers remain vigilant and in a reactive state, ready to redraw flight paths on short notice.

This is just one example of the type of friction that seems to dominate political discourse today and whip up headwinds for global trade and air cargo. Although we as an industry advocate for policy and support institutions conducive to trade, even in today’s environment, airfreight proves adroit at navigating volatility.

In this issue, we spotlight two topical features that sink their teeth into a couple of complementary paths for navigating uncertainty. Our cover story on seafood perishables looks at how the air cargo supply chain goes the distance to provide a sea-to-table experience for new classes of customers unearthed by e-commerce. With most seafood exports derived from just a few sources, Air Cargo World hooks on to some creative new projects to meet soaring demand, including a live king crab pilot project in Anchorage, Alaska, and hefty investments in track-and-trace technology and cold-chain infrastructure – to keep the fish soaring, too.

While seafood is one commodity keeping the cargo nets full on flights to Asia, the region’s export flows are in flux as the trade war between the U.S. and China intensifies. With tariffs driving production costs higher, the pace of supply chain shift to other regions of the world, namely Southeast Asia, is accelerating. Air Cargo World spoke with some of the top carriers and forwarders with exposure to the trans-Pacific trade lane to discover that today’s drag on export volumes from Asia could trailblaze opportunities for tomorrow’s emerging trade lanes.

Speaking of trailblazers, it is with great enthusiasm that I would like to take this time to introduce two new additions to the Air Cargo World editorial team. First is Caryn Livingston, our newly appointed Deputy Editor. Those who also follow the equipment side of the air cargo business may recognize Caryn’s byline from her previous role as Deputy Editor at our sister publication, Cargo Facts. Caryn, together with this magazine’s new associate editor, Chelsea Toczauer, also spearheaded the launch of Cargo Airport News, a recent addition to Air Cargo World’s website and one of the many exciting initiatives Caryn and her team will be rolling out in the coming months.

So, while bouts of uncertainty may cloud some previously high market expectations, readers can take solace in knowing they can continue to rely on Air Cargo World for insightful coverage of events and trends affecting their business and the airfreight logistics industry.

Charles Kauffman, Senior Editor

Air Cargo World

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Charles Kauffman

Charles Kauffman is the Senior Editor of Air Cargo World Magazine, and the publication's sister newsletter, Cargo Facts. Charles holds a BA in International Studies from the University of Washington, and an MA in International Relations from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He speaks Mandarin and Spanish.