LATAM Cargo expands pharma-handling services in London

Chile-based LATAM Cargo is expanding its footprint in the European pharmaceutical sector, adding its “pharma passive” service in London Heathrow Airport (LHR) – a pharma-specific infrastructure that sustains the product in a 15° to 25°C range. The carrier already operates its “pharma active” service through the LHR hub, which protects commodities in the -20° to +25°C range.

The majority of the pharma products that are produced in the United Kingdom require temperature controls,  “along with strategic routes to reduce their transfer times,” said Alfredo Noguerales, senior sales manager for LATAM Cargo’s  EMEA region. “In this sense, Brazil is a gateway to Latin America, which offers more efficient times.”

According to the World Health Organization, the already-booming global pharmaceutical industry is forecasted to continue to rise from a US$300 billion market to $400 billion in the next three years – with temperature-sensitive pharma products and biologics leading the growth.

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