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MASkargo migrates to the cloud

MASkargo has switched over to the cloud-based Unisys Logistics Management System for its domestic and international cargo operations. Using a cloud-based delivery model allowed MASkargo, the cargo division of Malaysia Airlines, to transition faster than through a traditional software environment.

The new software allows shippers to respond to volume peaks and is adaptable to changing requirements in the air cargo industry, which was not possible with a mainframe system, according to Unisys.

Christopher Shawdon, vice president of logistics solutions for Unisys, pointed out a number of practical advantages from the shift. First, the cloud-based system enables MASkargo to pay based on the number of transactions it processes, eliminating fixed costs, costly maintenance, support or license upgrades. Second, the system’s functionality is updated every month at no charge, which is a standard feature. These enhancements include new e-freight functionality, message types and customs interfaces. MASkargo handles cargo for over 30 foreign airlines at hub in Kuala Lumpur, processing approximately 1.5 million master and house air waybills per year.

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