MASkargo to boost ULD track-and-trace capabilities with CORE Bluetooth

MASkargo, the air cargo logistics subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines inked an agreement with New Zealand-based CORE Technologies to retrofit its ULD containers and handling facilities in Malaysia with Bluetooth tag and reader infrastructure.

Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Bluetooth sensors are automatically recognized by receptors at airports and ULD stations, making manual scanning processes unnecessary. COREInsight allows real-time tracking of ULDs based on GPS location, and offer insights into other parameters such as internal and external temperatures,  and travel speed. Once configured, MASkargo will be able to visualize up-to-date location data as containers move through Core’s reader network.

“Real-time ULD tracking information will enable MASkargo to more accurately monitor and replan shipments that are delayed due to irregular operations, such as extreme weather events. This will enable customers to have end-to-end tracking of the ULDs starting in their own warehouses throughout the journey to the final destination” said Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh, CEO, MASkargo.

Nordisk Aviation Products, which provides containers for MASkargo, and TW Control (TWC), the carrier’s ULD repair station will handle installation and configuration for the track-and-trace system. “This is a radical and bold transformation for a typical 145 Repair ULD workshop and we intend to use it to the fullest to assist our clients in ULD management,” said Kumarason Kandiah, accountable manager, TWC.

Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh, CEO of MABkargo will speak at  Cargo Facts Asia, to be be held April 15-17 at the Langham Shanghai. For more information, or to register, visit the conference website here.

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