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One man’s trash: DHL and Gatwick convert waste into energy

Gatwick Airport and DHL Supply Chain have flipped the “On” switch for the airport’s new waste management plant, making Gatwick the first airport to turn airport waste into energy onsite.

DHL’s new £3.8 million waste plant not only disposes of, but also converts waste into energy to heat Gatwick’s waste management site and power the site’s water recovery system. The plant could save the airport £1,000 in energy and waste management costs per day.

The plant processes food waste or anything mixed with it, such as packaging, cups and meal trays from international transport vehicles. Waste is turned into a dry-powdered organic material that fuels the generators.

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO explained that, “the waste plant turns a difficult waste problem into a sustainable energy source. We’re confident it sets the benchmark for others to follow in waste management.”

Martin Willmor, senior vice president, Specialist Services, UK, DHL Supply Chain, pointed out that, “disposing of Category 1 waste can be very costly and time-consuming, but our new waste management and recycling system is a huge step forward.”

Infographic_DHL Gatwick waste management

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