Peli BioThermal, Wilpak enter cool-chain partnership

 After a busy year of expanding its international network, Minnesota-based cool-chain packaging company Peli BioThermal is expanding its service offering via a partnership with Melbourne-based Wilpak Group International. The deal will allow Peli Biothermal’s customers to use Wilpak’s thermal protection covers for their pharmaceutical payloads.

The Australian company’s thermal blanket product, called InsulCap, is suitable in air, sea and ground shipping environments to preserve perishable goods, especially pharmaceuticals, during gaps in the supply chain, where products have the potential to be exposed to the elements.

Kevin Lawler, vice president of sales at Peli BioThermal, said the exterior protective product will “complement our product offering, providing an additional thermal protection option.”

Peli BioThermal is known for its single-use and reusable thermal packaging, designed for the transportation of pharma, vaccines, biologics and blood supplies.

This year, it opened a series of facilities internationally, including Tokyo, Frankfurt, Basel and Berlin that serve as pick-up/drop-off points and/or service centers for repair. The company has said it plans to have a network of more than 100 such stations by early 2019.


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