ShipChain’s blockchain tracking gets a boost with ParceLive partnership

Today, blockchain logistics company ShipChain announced its new partnership with supply chain visibility platform provider ParceLive to increase transparency, efficiency and quality control across ShipChain’s global supply chains through blockchain shipment tracking. 

Under the new partnership, ShipChain will integrate the ParceLive tracker into its shipping and logistics system. The ParceLive tracker include microsensors, developed by U.K.-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) company Hanhaa, that are inserted directly into shipments where they remain for the duration of the delivery. These microsensors enable customers to monitor temperature, moisture, light, impact, tilt and GPS location of their shipments to ensure quality control. The microsensors will also alert the customer when a delivery is being dropped, opened, or if it is in excessive temperature or humidity conditions.  

With these sensors in the shipments, customers can obtain real-time information on the condition of their shipment via cellular networks at any time. Should the goods pass through an area with limited cellular reception, the microsensor devices continue to record all data and report historical changes to the customer upon regaining cellular reception. 

Upon completion of the delivery, the user will remove the tracker from the shipment, push a button on the sensor to terminate the tracking and place the device in a mailbox for return. Each ParceLive tracker includes a built-in international return license and dynamic address label, ShipChain said. This means it needs no stamps or envelopes for the return process. When returned, the device will be erased of all data, charged, recalibrated and rebranded, allowing the device to be reused. 

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