Shipco Airfreight launches K9 cargo screening service

Today, New Jersey-based Shipco Airfreight, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Denmark-based shipping and transportation company Scan-Group, announced its addition of canine screening service for air cargo.

The development follows the TSA’s launch of canine screening for air cargo at the end of last year, which was previously leveraged only for passenger and luggage screening.

Shipco will offer in-house screening for customers in a controlled environment that the company said offers more security and eliminates reliance on airline handling agents. Use of canines in cargo screening also reduces risk of human error, while in-house screening extends the cut-off time the pre-screened freight must be tendered. Shipco also offers a service to pre-build airline units, which it said can further extend the cut-off time, making the cargo less prone to damage, loss and delay.

The process allows more flexibility in terms of the type of freight screened, including e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, perishables, and dangerous goods, according to the company. The only limitations on cargo the company will screen with canines are those sealed in pressurized containers, drums or barrels, and crates in configurations that do not meet space requirements as specified on its site, a company representative told Air Cargo World.

The company currently offers canine screening in its Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, California, facilities, but plans to expand the service to other locations in the near future.


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