Leading ULD manufacturers inaugurate new digs

May has been an active month for ACL Airshop and Jettainer, two of the world’s leading Unit Load Device (ULD) manufacturers. Last week, U.S.-based ACL Airshop inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina. Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary Jettainer, meanwhile, today celebrated the completion of its renovated “JettHub” logistics center near Frankfurt Airport. Renewed investment in […]

Top 10 things overheard in Dallas at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium

IATA’s World Cargo Symposium 2018 is now history, but between the 13 separate, concurrent tracks and all the networking that was done by more than 1,100 delegates in Dallas a couple weeks ago, chances are there were several words of wisdom you may have missed, even if you had attended every day. As a refresher […]

Top 5 cool chain innovations making a difference in supply chain quality

With the value of the temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical market topping US$1 trillion dollars, air cargo handlers are searching for the best way to ensure that these commodities are kept at a very specific, narrow temperature range during their journey in the air, and especially on the ground, where the risk is highest for a temperature incursion […]

Air New Zealand tracking technology delivers worldwide visibility [VIDEO]

New Zealand’s national carrier is installing more than 5,500 Bluetooth tags on its cargo containers, pallets and unit load devices (ULDs), as well as more than 100 readers at 29 airports for which it provides cargo services around the world. The technology is provided by Core Transport Technologies, which installs its low-energy Bluetooth devices into […]

Silk Way West to operate with ACL Airshop’s ULD tracking tech

After less than one month on the market, ACL Airshop’s real-time Bluetooth-enabled ULD tracking technology is already translating into more cargo business, as carriers take steps to eliminate so-called “black spots” from the airfreight supply chain. “Improved ULD logistics has become one of our strategic focuses, as it directly contributes to the bottom line, while […]

Bluetooth tracking tech goes live across ACL Airshop’s 200-plus airline network [VIDEO]

BUDAPEST — A strategic alliance inked by ACL Airshop and New Zealand-based Core Transport Technologies to deploy tracking devices across ACL’s 200-plus airline network marks the debut of automated Bluetooth-enabled ULD tracking for the airfreight industry, addressing the chronic problem of lost, missing or underutilized ULDs. “This is the first real partnership between a technology […]

ACL Airshop looks to e-commerce for international growth [VIDEO]

E-commerce is lighting a fire under the air cargo industry, and ACL Airshop is trying to capture that momentum to push the ULD business to the forefront of the industry. As higher package volumes drive up demand for air freight, ACL Airshop’s chairman Steve Townes and managing director- international Marc Terpstra talked with Air Cargo […]

NEW-LDs: Thinking inside (and outside) the box

Before a freighter pushes back from the apron, and the pilots go through the checklist of the critical systems and equipment on the aircraft, might it seem unusual to only check the sensors on three of the four engines? Or maybe test the flaps and rudder, but not the horizontal stabilizers? Of course it would […]

WCS 2017: Ranger, ACL merge in active ULD market

ABU DHABI — The suddenly active ULD market just got a bit hotter today as ACL Airshop, a company that leases, sells, repairs and manage ULDs and cargo net supplies, announced on Wednesday, here at the World Cargo Symposium, that it would merge with Ranger Airshop, the investment arm of Ranger Aerospace. The move, the […]