Supply chain insomnia: What keeps you up at night?

NEW ORLEANS – Worried about operational costs? Labor shortages? Potential supply-chain disruptions? How about living within missile range of North Korea? These were some of the supply chain management topics that came up during the parting-shot session March 4 at AirCargo 2015, titled “What Keeps You Up at Night?” The interactive discussion was moderated by […]

An Export Council wish list for 2015

The New Year brings a renewed spirit of hope and optimism that the U.S. economy will continue its recovery from one of the longest economic recessions ever. Forwarders enjoying steady increases in their air cargo and overall trade activity should hope that recent recommendations submitted to the White House by the President’s Export Council are […]

TIACA remains vital to industry’s future

Seoul, South Korea, is a modern, vibrant city, and Airports Council Interna­tional has ranked Incheon Airport number one for the past seven years. Incheon is also home to one of the larg­est air cargo carriers in the world. Accordingly, Seoul was a natural choice for the recent 2014 International Air Cargo Forum of The Interna­tional […]

Could JFK’s airfreight move upstate?

In an announcement that sent waves of protest throughout the freight forwarding industry, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a plan in late October to move most of the air cargo operations out of New York City’s JFK International Airport and re­locate them about 80 miles northwest to Stewart International (SWF) in the lower Hudson […]

Forwarders speak up about U.S. air cargo advanced screening

A coalition of associations representing airfreight forwarding companies is calling on the U.S. federal government to solicit input from small- and medium-sized forwarders before expanding the Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) program. The program, which analyzes advance data on inbound air shipments to the U.S. to assess risk, is in pilot phase, but U.S. Customs […]
  • June 5, 2014

Airforwarders Association membership swells

The growth in the number of freight forwarding companies joining the U.S. Airforwarders Association has reached unprecedented levels, with the organization’s membership rolls expanding by nearly 25 percent over the past year. More than half of the increase in the association’s regular membership, which is comprised of freight forwarding companies that focus on air cargo, […]