From freight to plate

More seafood than ever is being flown by air, setting new standards for speed A tongue-in-cheek saying you’re likely to hear within months of joining the air cargo industry is that if cargo is flying, someone, somewhere has made a mistake. As a mode of transportation, air transport is more expensive than road, rail or […]

Lynden Air Cargo adding more cities to scheduled freighter network

Even as U.S.-based combination carriers began reporting lackluster March cargo traffic, demand for air cargo transport outside the contiguous United States remains buoyant. Yesterday, Lynden Air Cargo announced that beginning 30 April, the carrier will add twice-weekly scheduled service to St. Mary’s and Emmonak from its hub in Anchorage. For more details, please see Charles […]

Alaska to phase out combi aircraft

Since 2007 five combi 737-400s have been moving passengers and cargo for Alaska Airlines. These combi aircraft have space for 72 passengers in the back half of the aircraft, while carrying 6,000 pounds of cargo, often seafood, in the front. The aircraft fly in the vast state of Alaska, and to Seattle in the lower-48 […]

Anchorage eyes return to normalcy

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has been making news. Since 2007, the cargo passing through the airport has fallen by 25 percent. On May 22, more than 100 people attended a public meeting about the airport’s plans for a new runway, according to Alaska Dispatch. Some raised concerns that the airport continues to plan expansion […]