Team Worldwide’s MIA bonded warehouse adds capacity to Caribbean, Central America

Team Worldwide, a US-based 3PL, recently opened a bonded warehouse in Miami in what Bob Imbriani, EVP, International, told Air Cargo World is essentially an “air-sea program” allowing for imports to Miami International Airport (MIA) and exports into the Caribbean and Central America.  The 3PL’s new warehouse offers Class 2 customs bonded warehousing and in-bond export consolidation, allowing for a 15-day window for […]

IATA urges Latin America to take advantage of aviation

The International Air Transport Association urged governments in Latin America and the Caribbean region to take advantage of the connectivity provided by aviation in order to chart a more successful future. “Latin America is ripe with possibilities. It has a dynamic airline industry that has embraced cross-border consolidation to boost efficiency and competitiveness and deliver […]
  • March 27, 2014

Puerto Rico craves for Caribbean’s first air cargo hub

Puerto Rico has a problem: How will it solve seven years of economic recession? Officials hope establishing a new air cargo hub – the first one in the Caribbean – will kick the island’s economy to life. In July, the island’s unemployment rate reached 13.5 percent. The U.S.’s unemployment rate was about half that. “We […]
  • September 30, 2013