3 key trends in innovation of cool chain shipping

LOS ANGELES – With about one third of the world’s food going to waste each year at a cost of USD$1 trillion, air cargo hosts a vital role in reducing this amount both for environmental and business purposes. Stakeholders in air cargo estimate that as much as 45% of food shipped along supply chains goes […]

Pilot food transport study reveals greater need for cool-chain transparency

A recent pilot study tracking the quality of temperature-sensitive food on a long-haul flight found that 40% of food transported around the world — via air, ocean and land — requires refrigeration and 20% of food loss is caused by a breakdown in the cool chain, according to officials for food waste tracking app Too Good To Go, which identifies users who can buy leftover food from retailers.  The […]

Tech firms vie to improve forwarder-shipper communication

DUBAI – Forwarders are famously circumspect, especially when it comes to altering time-proven methods. However, at this year’s Pharma and Biosciences Conference of the Cool Chain Association (CCA) and Air Cargo Handling conference, there was growing consensus here that forwarders need to work more closely with shippers to transport pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive shipments. Achieving […]

CFS panel stresses pharma standards, training, equipment

MIAMI – When handling perishable and pharmaceutical goods, the panelists at the Cargo Facts Symposium 2015 all agreed that the best investment they could make is in training its cool-chain handling crews. The panelists at the “Pharma and Perishables Focus” session also called for global standards for efficiency and transparency, as well as the use […]

Cool School: Inside the CEIV-Pharma certification program

There is a saying, “You never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” That’s the basic idea behind the International Air Transport Association’s ambitious Center of Excellence for Independent Validators program for the handling of pharmaceutical materials. The somewhat new “CEIV-Pharma” certification, as it is known, has been created to ensure […]

Jan de Rijk earns CEIV Pharma certification

Dutch trucking and logistics firm Jan de Rijk Logistics has become one of the first supply chain services companies to earn the new “CEIV Pharma” certification for its ability to handle pharmaceuticals safely. The certification, awarded by IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV), is used to designate cargo handlers that have demonstrated the […]

Keep Cool and Carry On

Some modal shift may be inevitable, but a renewed commitment to quality can keep high-value pharma cargo flying No matter how cool we keep the supply chain, how fast we fly or how low fuel prices go, in this cost-conscious economy, there is no competing with one of the oldest and slowest forms of transport: […]