US Customs finally tackles cross border e-commerce

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an agency within the Department of Homeland Security, has woken up to the same issue that many in the air freight and express industry woke up to several years ago: e-commerce has gone cross-border. That is, instead of imports to the US consisting mostly of big shipments […]

Unisys aims for smarter security with LineSight software

IT and software company Unisys Corp. is introducing its new machine learning and predictive data analytics software LineSight to address global concerns over cargo and passenger security in air transport. The LineSight software uses algorithms to analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources and alerts border security agents to potential threats in real-time. In […]

CNS: What can airfreight learn from the marijuana industry?

ORLANDO – It turns out that the air cargo industry has a lot to learn from the marijuana industry, based on the government’s success at tracking the pot supply chain from cultivation to final sale. In a panel discussion at yesterday’s CNS Partnership conference, delegates learned that regulators have been tracking the production of the […]

Finding common ground on security practices

Our cargo hubs, where routes connect and transfers are made, are at the heart of our supply chain. As we tackle the many challenges facing our industry – from the threat of modal shift to the changing security landscape, to the need to remain competitive and to grow – the way we process cargo at […]

Forwarder’s Forum: Tough lessons from the regulatory trenches

Forwarders are some of the toughest business people you will ever meet. They compete in a global marketplace of more than 100,000 competitors, in which the delivery of just one shipment can mean the dif­ference between success and failure. Customers demand re­lentlessly reliable service, often at a low price, rendering mistakes costly and the need […]

How to respond when the feds come knocking

NEW ORLEANS – Most forwarders hope to never have to deal with a government enforcement action, but the smart ones know that it’s best to be prepared just in case the TSA or the FAA come knocking when you least expect it. Speaking at yesterday’s Air Cargo 2015 session, attorney Braden K. Core, with Scopelitis, […]

Balancing trade and security in the sky

The air cargo industry and governments are in a constant balancing act when it comes to security. Parties want the tightest security possible without standing in the way of trade. That’s the goal of the U.S.’s Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) program, and similar programs in the European Union and Canada. Two months after the […]