At the Crossroads: Turkey’s key role in 21st century logistics

“The future is in the skies,” Turkey’s founding father Kemal Ataturk told the country’s newly formed parliament. Months later, in 1925 against the backdrop of a sweeping modernization campaign, the country’s first aviation oversight body, the Turkish Aeronautical Association was founded, followed shortly thereafter by a national carrier, of sorts. Aviation was so central to […]

The Power 25: How long can the good times last?

EARLY RISERS For this year’s Power 25, the positive trends outweighed the bad. Last year, we at Air Cargo World predicted DSV, following its completed absorption of UTi, would be a fast riser – and rise it did, leaping up seven spots on the Power 25 list, from No. 16 to No. 9. Now that […]

The Power 25 List for 2017

The Power 25 list was compiled with the cooperation of Armstrong & Associates, Inc., a U.S.-based supply chain consulting firm, which ranked the 25 largest forwarders, based on their 2016 air tonnage. Revenue information and tonnage figures for 2016 are either reported by the companies or estimated by Armstrong & Associates. The Power 25: Rank […]

Rising Stars of Air Cargo: Three Executives to Watch in 2017

Looking back on what we’ve seen in the air cargo industry this year, 2016 will likely be remembered as the year of cross-border e-commerce – when the well-established idea of purchasing goods online went truly global and expedited customs clearance became a near-universal forwarding concern. Then, in the second half of the year, global commerce […]

Executives to Watch: Andersen eager to reap rewards of DSV/UTi merger

Jens Bjørn Andersen When large companies go through a merger, months can seem like years, even when there are no major bumps in the road. When Air Cargo World recently spoke with Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO of Denmark-based forwarder DSV, the weariness and relief were evident in his voice as he described the long but […]

DSV reports Q3 volume, net revenue rise in wake of UTi deal

About nine months after Danish freight forwarder DSV closed on the purchase of U.S.-based UTi Worldwide, the rewards are beginning to be noticed in the financial figures, as DSV report significant growth in both volume and net revenue for the third quarter. According to DSV, overall freight volumes rose by 84.5 percent, compared to the […]

Last chance to vote for ACW’s Air Cargo Executive of the Year

Is there an air cargo executive you wish to nominate who has been head-and-shoulders above the rest in the last year? We at Air Cargo World want to know about it for our upcoming Air Cargo Executive of the Year award. But time is running out: Nominations are due no later than Thursday, Oct. 13. The 2016 […]

Time to vote for ACW’s Air Cargo Executive of the Year nominees

As the end of the year approaches, we at Air Cargo World are reaching out to readers to seek nominations for our annual Air Cargo Executive of the Year award, celebrating the highest achievement in the air cargo industry. The 2016 Air Cargo Executive of the Year will be named on the cover of the […]

For DSV’s Jens Bjørn Andersen, the second time’s the charm

If the dismal second half of 2015 made it seem like a year of missed opportunities for the airfreight world, 2016 may end up being remembered as the year of second chances. Already we have seen the revival of the courtship of TNT by FedEx after the romance with UPS fizzled. Now we have the […]

The Iranian Conundrum: How sanctions removal affects global logistics

The Parisian Azadi Hotel was recently the voted the most popular hotel in Iran. The award, which the hotel touts, was based on an “extensive poll” by the Islamic Parliament of Iran, which the hotel calls “one of the most authoritative institutions in Iran.” The hotel boasts views of the mountains ringing Tehran. It is […]

Uncharted waters: Three cargo leaders to watch in 2016

After starting with a promising surge in airfreight demand during the U.S. West Coast port crisis, 2015 has proven to be a tough year as the industry endured economic fallout from a slowdown in the Asian economy, falling airfreight demand on prominent trade routes and a marked decline in fuel surcharge revenues. Through it all, […]

Three to watch: Rising 3PL stars converge

The past 12 months have seen some of the highest levels of merger and acquisition activity (M&A) within the 3PL industry in at least the last 15 years. As of early November, Armstrong & Associates (A&A) tracked 11 mergers worth more than $100 million this year – the highest total since the consulting firm began […]