Hawaiian renews SmartKargo contract for five years

Hawaiian Airlines said it has renewed its five-year contract with cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm SmartKargo to manage the carrier’s airfreight business. Hawaiian was the first U.S.-based carrier to adopt the SmartKargo cloud platform in 2014, and later implemented the company’s Go Live service in 2015. “As a result, our team was able to further digitize […]

CNS 2018: Air cargo community faces challenges in executing digitalization

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. – The issue on everyone’s minds here at the CNS Partnership Conference is the prevalence of e-commerce in today’s logistics industry. The e-commerce boom may be breathing life back into airfreight, but industry leaders are now experiencing major growing pains as a result. To address these concerns, Glyn Hughes, the global head […]