November air cargo demand plateaus for Asia-Pacific carriers

Soon after WorldACD released data at the end of last year indicating a surprising slowdown in air cargo demand for the month of November 2018, the preliminary report for the same month from Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) today indicated similarly flat year-over-year demand in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the November 2017 figures that […]
  • Randy Woods
  • January 7, 2019

How will the airfreight ‘wild card’ be played in 2018?

Based on the latest combined January and February results from WorldACD and IATA, 2018 clearly got off to a strong start in terms of cargo demand. But the real question is: Now what? Except the 2018 version of “now what” also includes a new wild card. Any speculation about the future involves taking stock in […]
  • Randy Woods
  • April 4, 2018

WCS 2018: Three scenarios for air cargo market growth

DALLAS – Industry-wide air cargo traffic growth is once again an invigorating subject. Despite the increase in protectionist rhetoric threatening robust global trade, evidence suggests that “nearterm geopolitical trends will not inhibit air cargo growth,” said Brian Clancy, managing director of Logistics Capital & Strategy (LogCapStrat), during Tuesday’s Plenary Session presentation at IATA’s World Cargo […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • March 15, 2018

Emirates Group reports flat volume, plunging profits in first half

SkyCargo, the cargo arm of Emirates, has apparently tapped the brakes in the first half of its current fiscal year, reporting flat volume, year-over-year, at 1.3 million tonnes, for the six-month period ended Sept 30. Volume was not the only disappointment for the Dubai-based carrier, with net profit in the half down 75 percent, y-o-y, […]
  • Lewis King
  • November 11, 2016

Air cargo execs continue gloomy outlook in IATA index

Air cargo executives are notably less optimistic about their economic prospects for the year ahead, compared to the same time last year, according to IATA’s July 2016 Business Confidence Index. Conducted in early July of this year, IATA surveyed airline CFOs and heads of cargo regarding their expectations for the next 12 months. The results […]
  • Lewis King
  • July 15, 2016

IATA: Air cargo CFOs remain confident in 2016

Now that the first quarter of fiscal 2016 now in the past, results are in from IATA’s most recent airline business confidence survey, and gauging from the responses of airline CFOs and cargo heads surveyed – their outlook is bullish for the remainder of the year, despite a perceived weak first quarter. IATA’s survey takes […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • April 27, 2016