Is confidence the new normal?

As the afterglow of an honest-to-goodness peak season in 2014 lingers in the winter air, many businesses in the air cargo supply chain are experiencing something they’ve rarely felt over the past five years – confidence. Perhaps it’s time for the industry to start asking: Could this return to modest, steady growth be the “new […]

New Beginnings

Dear Reader, It is with great pride that I write you as the new publisher of Air Cargo World following its acquisition by Royal Media, the New York-based publisher of Cargo Facts and owner of Air Cargo Management Group. Royal Media’s stewardship officially began on Sept. 22. We at Royal Media have great affinity for […]


It’s no secret to those who know me that I have a great passion for fishing, especially doing so with my grandson who often out catches me.  I guess I’ve taught him well.   This is one of life’s pleasures, among many, that I will soon spend more time doing.  It seems like a fleeting moment […]
  • September 25, 2014

Safety issues at forefront of airfreight

Safety issues related to air cargo have been at the forefront this summer, ranging from lithium batteries to cargo pilot fatigue to avoiding flights over combat zones. In our September issue, we take a look at the carriage of dangerous goods. The sub-category getting the most attention of late is lithium batteries. It’s clear that […]

Energy exploration offers opportunities

With the world’s thirst for oil and gas running largely unabated, the exploration of these commodities continues to provide benefits for cargo carriers equipped to handle the often large and odd-sized equipment needed in far-flung locales. Much of that equipment is manufactured in the U.S., with Houston among the world’s largest – if not the […]

Summer of change

The summer of 2014 is shaping up to be one of change for air cargo, with a spate of leadership moves and a major cargo shakeup at Delta. Glyn Hughes, IATA’s new head of global cargo, seems to be a great pick to succeed Des Vertannes. Hughes, a 23-year IATA veteran, assumed his new post […]

Transition time

June often brings the workforce arrivals and departures for most industries, including air cargo. Our June issue has an example of each. Our feature, “The answer to air cargo’s ‘leadership crisis,’” which begins on p. 30, analyzes the industry’s urgent need to bring in new blood. The article takes a close look at efforts to […]

Hong Kong plans for growth

Perhaps one of the best places to take the pulse of the air cargo industry is in Hong Kong, where more cargo came through Hong Kong International Airport in 2013 than any other airport in the world. While the first quarter of 2014 was a good one for many of the Hong Kong-based companies in […]

Facing the need for new blood

The ability to attract new blood to the air cargo sector and retain it is an ongoing concern for many in the industry. The International Air Transport Association is tackling the issue with its fledgling Future Air Cargo Executives (FACE) summit held just prior to the annual World Cargo Symposium.  Seventeen young air cargo professionals, […]

Security set to dominate 2014

Early into 2014, air cargo security arguably looms as the industry’s top discussion topic. The ongoing e-air waybill effort notwithstanding, security seems to be at the top of the minds of most in the industry. Helping keep security at the forefront of industry concerns is a bevy of regulations at various stages of implementation. Security […]

Economy predictions trend upward

Will 2014 be the year that the fortunes of the airfreight sector finally change for the better? If the barrage of annual economic reports released during January can be believed, there appears to be reason for optimism. Industry veterans often say an improved U.S. economy is a harbinger of better times for the industry as […]

Looking forward to 2014

As 2014 approaches, the airfreight industry remains hopeful that the economic tide will change and the sector will see a long-awaited upward trend. As Air Cargo World enters its 72nd year, we will be here as always with the latest industry information and features. A new year often brings change, and that’s true here at […]

Waiting for a recovery

“Cautious optimism” has become an oft-used term in the air cargo industry, and that figures to continue in 2014. Several of our articles in this issue bear this out. Manufacturers who use airfreight to ship their goods might have one of the best perspectives of the industry. They are also an important segment of Air […]

California court denies insurer the right to sue for cargo loss

The Montreal Convention is a U.S. treaty governing international movement of cargo. Therefore, it is the supreme law of the land. By its own terms, the Montreal Convention replaces a country’s own laws, and several countries have adopted the convention. Many airway bills for international cargo shipments state that the terms of the Montreal Convention […]
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