The Freight 50: Sharpest climbs and falls among carriers

As noted in this year's Freight 50 feature, DHL reported the strongest y-o-y growth during 2018. The second-fastest grower on the list, Vietnam Airlines, made its first appearance on the Freight 50 list at the No. 46 spot thanks to year-over-year growth of 170.2% during 2018. Although many Chinese carriers have struggled to maintain growth […]

The Freight 50: 2018’s top carriers standing strong in the face of headwinds

Signs of a slowdown in global trade and airfreight demand had already begun to surface last year, and in 2019 have materialized into a challenging global economic environment. This year’s headwinds, however, did not come as a major surprise to the industry, where leaders had warned of the eventual consequences of erecting trade barriers and […]

The Freight 50: Turbulence ahead for the top cargo carriers?

When economic indicators are grim and airfreight businesses are looking for a turnaround, it’s easier to spot the positive signs of hope in the industry. But when the outlook has been rosy – like it has been for much of the last 18 months for air cargo – carriers may have a tougher time preparing […]

The Freight 50: Analysis of air cargo growth in 2017

More room at the top The dominant carriers rarely see change at the top – and that’s true for the first three on the list. Like every year in recent memory, FedEx, was again No. 1, with 16.9 billion FTKs, rising by a decent 7.6 percent over last year. FedEx was again followed by No. […]

The Freight 50 List for 2018

The impossibility of perfection We at Air Cargo World and Cargo Facts are proud of the nearly comprehensive portrait that this Freight 50 listing paints for the air cargo carrier business. But we also know enough to realize that a perfect list is nearly impossible to compile. While it’s a trustworthy estimate, it’s still just […]

Freight 50: A newcomer to the list

ASL AIRLINES BELGIUM – Created from TNT Airways after the merger of TNT Express with FedEx, this carrier is based in Liège Airport (LGG), operating 28 aircraft – mostly 737-400 freighters, plus a few 747-400Fs and 757-200Fs. Debuting impressively in the No. 40 spot on the Freight 50 list, this Belgian all-cargo operation of the […]

The Freight 50: The world’s top carriers return to cargo growth

In an industry as cyclical as the airfreight sector, good news is usually followed by a period of mild trepidation. “If demand is up one month, surely it will fall the next months,” goes the general wisdom of veteran air carrier executives who know how the airfreight rollercoaster works. So, after the bump in airfreight […]

The Freight 50: A strong finish to 2016

A strong finish In some ways, 2016 came in like a lamb for the airfreight industry and went out like a lion – one whose roar can still be heard today as the surge in demand carried well into 2017. IATA’s WATS report noted that the particularly strong peak season in 2016 “coincided with a […]

Freight 50: Top 50 Carriers Chart

Sources: IATA, U.S. Department of Transportation, Cargo Facts database, 2017 *See “Breakdown of Carriers Within Groups” chart for individual airlines within groups **Did not appear on Freight 50 last year. Figures include both freight and mail. (Go to next page for rest of chart)

The Freight 50: Breakdown of carriers within groups

No such thing as perfection We at Air Cargo World and Cargo Facts are proud of the nearly comprehensive portrait that this Freight 50 listing paints for the air cargo carrier business. But a perfect list is nearly impossible to compile in this maddeningly complex industry. We use multiple sources, including IATA, U.S. DOT and […]

The Freight 50: Top carriers vie for answers to overcapacity

One reason lists are so popular is that they bring order to a chaotic world. This is especially true of this year’s Freight 50 list, which seems at first to reflect little change among the world’s largest air cargo carriers. For the top 10 companies this year, no one carrier has moved more than two […]
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