Sinotrans joins WebCargo by Freightos for direct ebooking

Sinotrans Global E-commerce Logistics (Sinoair) announced with Freightos today that it is introducing direct ebooking alongside other online forwarding features using WebCargo by Freightos. According to today’s statement, Sinoair customers will now be able to pull global contract rates, access dynamic pricing information and instantly book online with more than 10 airlines currently integrated with […]

WebCargo, Air France-KLM bring dynamic pricing to air cargo

In a bid to speed up the process of booking freight and broaden the use of dynamic pricing in the industry, Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo has partnered with Freightos to use the WebCargo airfreight booking platform, which provides forwarders with live rates and capacity availability updates. After completing pilot projects with forwarder Panalpina last month, using […]

Freightos expands reach by acquiring India-based e-booking company

Hong Kong-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Freightos has acquired Air Freight Bazaar India – an electronic freight booking service – in a move to expand the reach of its platform, WebCargo, into the Southeast Asian market.  “Our initial focus in India will be on further automation for local airfreight forwarders and collaborating [with Bazaar] on dynamic […]

The World of E-Commerce: Taking advantage of retail’s online revolution

Buzzword or not, the “e-commerce revolution” has reshaped not only the air cargo logistics chain but the overall retail market, on a global scale. With the rise of e-commerce giants such as Amazon in the United States, and Alibaba and in China, the need for e-commerce shipments to move across the globe in only […]

Freightos, Lufthansa Cargo collaborate on instant ‘e-booking’ of air cargo

In an effort to hasten the digitalization of the airfreight industry, online cargo marketplace Freightos has teamed up with Lufthansa Cargo to create a new online portal through which forwarders can compare rates and book air cargo space nearly instantly. By combining Freightos WebCargo and Lufthansa Cargo’s application programming interface (API) services, enabling forwarders to […]

Freightos pegs peak season airfreight rates at double normal levels

As heavy seasonal shipping demand combined with flight cancellations and bad weather along certain routes, online pricing platform Freightos estimated that airfreight rates for some routes have more than doubled during the most recent peak season. Early this month, Freightos already saw tight seasonal capacity pushing rates up to as high as US$13 per kilogram […]

Freightos: airfreight capacity crunch in Europe pushes shippers to ocean

Airfreight in Europe reached full capacity two weeks ago, online pricing platform Freightos reported last week. High spot airfreight rates in the subsequent weeks have been high enough to motivate shippers to reconsider ocean shipping as a viable option. In addition to seasonally tight capacity affecting domestic and international freight shipments in the United States and […]

Freightos warns of airfreight rate jump as Europe reaches capacity

After airfreight in Europe reached its capacity last week for the first time in at least 10 years, online freight pricing platform Freightos cautioned that some shippers that don’t already have agreements in place will have to pay “sky-high air rates” to get their shipments loaded. Freightos WebCargo’s CEO, Manel Galindo, added that the capacity […]