That Sinking Feeling: Keeping shippers from running back to seafreight

With any broken relationship – whether it’s a romantic tryst or a freight consignment – there’s always the danger of the “rebound effect.” “Unrewarding rebound relationships can actually lead people to feel more attached to their ex-partners, rather than less,” warned Samantha Joel, assistant professor at the University of Utah Psychology Department. With time, she […]

ACS sees rising demand for charter services

U.K.-based aircraft charter company Air Charter Service (ACS) Group announced a 9 percent increase in charter flights, year-over-year, for the first half of its fiscal year, ending July 31st. The company arranged “more than 5,800 contracts to the end of July,” said Justin Bowman, ACS Group’s CEO. “We’re very pleased with this continued growth, as […]

Hanjin crisis only part of Korean air cargo struggles

Amidst the shockwaves emanating from last month’s news of the bankruptcy filing of Hanjin Shipping came speculation of a potential silver lining for air cargo carriers. Would the scramble for cargo originally booked on Hanjin vessels provide a windfall for airlines, with a surge in demand to drive up rates and yields? Other than a […]

Xeneta says Hanjin bankruptcy may ‘redefine’ shipping landscape

Even as the aftershocks are subsiding following the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy disaster in the seafreight world, marketing intelligence firm Xeneta said the industry is still “reeling” from delays in inventory, rising prices and temporary under-capacity for some ships, which could have effects on this year’s peak season performance for the air cargo industry. “The Hanjin […]

The impact of Hanjin on airfreight

By now most in the airfreight industry are well-aware of the sudden demise of Hanjin, which was the world’s seventh-largest ocean container line. With approximately US$12 billion in cargo still at sea, airfreight forwarders and carriers alike are poised and ready to act should modal shift be required to make on-time peak season deliveries.  So far, […]

Uncertainty regarding stranded Hanjin ships delays modal shift to air

At least US$182 million is on hand to bail out the bankrupt Korea-based shipping company Hanjin, yet, three weeks into its collapse, billions of dollars of inventory remain stranded at sea on the brink of this year’s peak season. On Aug. 31, one day after creditors pulled support for Hanjin, the shipping company filed for […]