Energy exploration offers opportunities

With the world’s thirst for oil and gas running largely unabated, the exploration of these commodities continues to provide benefits for cargo carriers equipped to handle the often large and odd-sized equipment needed in far-flung locales. Much of that equipment is manufactured in the U.S., with Houston among the world’s largest – if not the […]

Summer of change

The summer of 2014 is shaping up to be one of change for air cargo, with a spate of leadership moves and a major cargo shakeup at Delta. Glyn Hughes, IATA’s new head of global cargo, seems to be a great pick to succeed Des Vertannes. Hughes, a 23-year IATA veteran, assumed his new post […]

Facing the need for new blood

The ability to attract new blood to the air cargo sector and retain it is an ongoing concern for many in the industry. The International Air Transport Association is tackling the issue with its fledgling Future Air Cargo Executives (FACE) summit held just prior to the annual World Cargo Symposium.  Seventeen young air cargo professionals, […]

Economy predictions trend upward

Will 2014 be the year that the fortunes of the airfreight sector finally change for the better? If the barrage of annual economic reports released during January can be believed, there appears to be reason for optimism. Industry veterans often say an improved U.S. economy is a harbinger of better times for the industry as […]

Looking forward to 2014

As 2014 approaches, the airfreight industry remains hopeful that the economic tide will change and the sector will see a long-awaited upward trend. As Air Cargo World enters its 72nd year, we will be here as always with the latest industry information and features. A new year often brings change, and that’s true here at […]

Waiting for a recovery

“Cautious optimism” has become an oft-used term in the air cargo industry, and that figures to continue in 2014. Several of our articles in this issue bear this out. Manufacturers who use airfreight to ship their goods might have one of the best perspectives of the industry. They are also an important segment of Air […]

The cargo forecast season

What lies ahead for airfreight for the fourth quarter of 2013 and beyond? Some in the industry have been pointing to the final three months as having the potential to launch a turnaround in the industry. Others are still waiting for optimism to kick in. It’s unclear whether a strong finish to 2013 will be […]

Navigating social media

Social media is opening up new worlds of opportunity for journalists and publications. Air Cargo World has embraced this arena for a few years now, and we’ve increased our efforts considerably in 2013. Our presence has grown rapidly this year on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, due largely to the efforts of Adina Solomon, our associate […]

KC becoming a status symbol for European shippers

Karl Mayer, a German builder of textile manufacturing machinery, is a well-known name in the industry. It is also a significant shipper of its large knitting machines via airfreight to its global markets. Karl Mayer is one of the latest European companies to comply with European Commission “known consignor” regulations, or KC as it is […]

Simplifying the business

Widespread adoption of E-freight, or E-commerce, or whatever term is used, continues to be viewed as the air cargo industry’s best hope for long-term relevance. It certainly has gotten its share of plenary time during this spring’s circuit of cargo conferences. If passion among industry association leaders counts for anything, the movement has a good […]

Hunting for growth

Searching for the pockets of potential growth in the air cargo sector can be a daunting task under present economic conditions, but that was the mission of a panel discussion held during The International Air Cargo Association’s Executive Summit and Annual General Meeting last month. Panelists offered intriguing regional observations about where growth may occur […]

April 2013 Editorial

So many trade shows, so little time. With all the air cargo exhibitions and assorted logistics shows and other industry-related conferences, one could travel endlessly, living out of a large suitcase, networking and soaking up industry knowledge.  Of course that’s not likely, but all of these events have their value. Sometimes the schedules intersect, requiring […]